The Company exercises strict control on the quality of all ingredients through rigorous testing, applies stringent controls on process parameters, meticulously monitors key properties of concrete in the fresh and hardened state and applies the well known Cusum technique to quickly detect any changes in the properties of concrete.

Speed of construction

While the production output from a typical site-mixed concrete operation using 8/12 mixer is around 4-5 m3/hour, the output form a 60-m3/hour RMC plant is around 45 m3/hour.

Site-mixed concrete is an labour-intensive operation and managing lage labour force is a big hassle for the customer. With the use of RMC the labour requirements are minimized considerably, thus benefiting customers.

In site-mixed concrete job, wastage occurs in handling of all materials, including cement. The latter is generally of the order of about 2-3 kg per 50 kg bag of cement. All such wastages are considerably minimized at RMC facility.

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