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Easycrete® is a special concrete characterized by high resistance to segregation; can be cast with NO compaction and can easily spread and fill every knook and corner of the formwork by its unique free flow ability.

1. In RCC members with heavy and congested reinforcement.
2. Architectural and complicated shape and design of intricate structure.
3. Retaining walls, raft, footings and pile foundations.
4. Repair, restoration and renewal of RCC structures.
1. Better quality in terms of surface finish; no honey combs, voids etc. and hence, enhanced long term durability.
2. Better mould ability and greater freedom to design complex structures.
3. Better progress and speedy completion of projects.
4. Safer working environment due to less labour required on site during placement of concrete.
5. Environmental friendly, as there is no noise pollution.

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1 reviews for Easycrete
Prashant Yadav Great speed and progress can be achieved with Easycrete
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