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Tailor made concrete that is available in easy to handle small consignments Portacrete® is a tailor made concrete that is available in easy to handle small consignments. The concrete is engineered to retain the consistency and cohesiveness of the mix for a longer period.

1. Repair / renovation works in houses and buildings.
2. Foundation of communication tower at roof.
3. Small machine foundations.
4. Small concrete works like sunken slabs, steps, pathways and precast members.
5. Repair works of pavements, factory floors and drainage lines.
6. Used for sill beam, lintel and loft.
1. Quality assured ready-mixed concrete available in various grades.
2. Available in small quantities.
3. Can be safely transported to remote places.
4. Speeds up construction work.
5. Control on wastage.

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Prashant Yadav Desired level of compressive strengths acheived
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