The Commercial Concrete Vertical is Prism RMC's core business which not only caters to the needs of metro cities and semi-urban areas, but also serves as a steadfast contributor to the prolific development of urbane India. The Company caters to a gamut of concrete requirements encompassing lofty buildings to a cherished individual house, solutions for mild exposure to the harshest of off shore works, for soft and aesthetic requirements to the jumbo strength & performance required for prestigious infra and industrial projects. Prism RMC's state-of-the-art plants are an ensemble of high commitment towards service. Right from sating municipal & environmental norms to incessantly braving the never ending traffic snarls, it seems to be a recurring miracle when the Company's concrete laden transit mixers reach the customer's sites on time, every time. Prism RMC has secured the coveted NABL Accreditation at 4 of its major labs at Bangalore, Gurugram, Chennai and Mumbai.


Aggregates occupy 70% of the concrete volume. Understanding such a critical importance of good quality aggregates, Prism RMC ventured into the aggregates business in the year 2000 and currently operates large quarries and crushers. It manages high-tech aggregate setups in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mangalore and Vishakhapatnam. The Aggregates Vertical maintains product quality by selecting the right quarries, employing the best techniques in the industry to extract good quality rock with proper fragmentation and engaging machinery and plants of internationally proven standards. The skilled workforce is trained to maintain these crushers in immaculate working condition and derive the full bounty of their produce, in line with international norms.


In 2009, the Company decided to extend its core business activity of ready-mixed concrete to meet the growing demand for high quality RMC in Key Infrastructure sectors namely – Highways, Power, Petroleum, Refineries, Ports and Jetties. The Company has harnessed a persistent team that sets up and operates RMC plants in remote locations that are far flung from the comforts of civilization. The Mega Project Plants Vertical has since then successfully executed more than 25 mega projects defying odds and overcoming many operational challenges.
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