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The hydration of a concrete mix is a process that liberates heat and the rate of heat generation is accelerated with an increase in concrete temperature. Concrete is poor conductor of heat; hence, the heat evolved due to the hydration process is much greater than the rate of heat dissipation. Thus development of high concrete temperatures can cause a number of effects that are detrimental to the long term concrete performance.

1. Massive raft foundations and deep beams.
2. Bridge foundations and bridge piers.
3. Large retaining walls.
4. Mass concrete works in dams, hydro-electric and power projects.
1. Controls the temperature differential between the core and surface of the concrete, thereby mitigating thermal tensile cracks.
2. Controls early setting and stiffening of the concrete mix.
3. Reduces plastic shrinkage cracks in fresh concrete.
4. Enhances concrete durability.
5. Prevents Delayed Ettringite Formation.

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