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This is concrete containing fibres which increases its structural integrity. Depending upon application, various fibres like Steel, Glass & Synthetic Fibres are used.

1. All building terrace slabs to mitigate plastic shrinkage cracking.
2. Industrial warehouses, container yards, railway platforms etc.
3. Concrete roads, beams, and precast concrete girders which require additional flexural strength.
4. Slab on grade: All types of concrete pavements, industrial floors, airport taxiways, hangars, etc.
Steel fibres
1. Economical solution as no wastage on account of rebar cutting.
2. Panel size can be increase from 2 by 2 to 4 by 4.
3. Offers excellent abrasion and impact resistance.
Synthetic fibres:
1. Reduces changes of shrinkage cracks.
2. Increased durability as it improves toughness, flexure, fatigue and abrasion resistance.
3. Increased homogeneity and reduced bleeding.

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1 reviews for FRCcrete
Prashant Yadav Great structural integrity because of fibres
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