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Prism RMC operates 102 manufacturing plants across 47 cities nationwide, delivering premium ready-mixed concrete. Our commercial concrete division offers top-tier ready-mixed concrete products tailored to meet the specific needs of each site and customer. At Prism RMC, we’ve curated a diverse product portfolio designed to cater to a wide range of customer requirements, ensuring exceptional satisfaction and unmatched quality

Unveiling the Prismatic Range of high quality ready mix concrete products

We’re thrilled to unveil our Prismatic Range, showcasing an array of innovative ranges including Green Concrete, Performance, Productivity Enhancement, DIY, Durability, and Floors. Each meticulously crafted to meet diverse project needs and engineered to exceed expectations, empowering you to build beyond imagination

Green Concrete Range: Discover our Green Concrete Range, a testament to our dedication to sustainability. Offering innovative solutions for reducing carbon footprint, enhancing insulation, promoting groundwater recharge and harmonising modern aesthetics with environmental consciousness.

Below are the Green concrete prismatic ranges

PrismGreen PrismLite PrismPervia

PrismGreen - Eco-friendly low carbon concrete

PrismGreen is a responsible concrete which is a testament of our unwavering dedication to shrinking carbon footprint and safeguarding the environment and our future generations.

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PrismLite - Eco-friendly lightweight concrete

PrismLite offers excellent thermal and sound insulation, and improves acoustics while also lowering cooling expenses for your home.

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PrismPervia - Eco-friendly previous concrete

PrismPervia is a solution for ground water recharge that captures rainwater where it falls, allowing it to percolate into the ground and recharge our aquifers.

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Productivity Enhancement Range: Discover our productivity enhancement range, designed to streamline construction processes. Our solutions ensure smoother filling of intricate formworks, quicker placement with high-quality finish, and convenient self-compacting backfill options, optimising efficiency and reducing labour costs.

Below are the Productivity Enhancement ranges

PrismSelf PrismFlow PrismFill

PrismSelf - Self compacted concrete

PrismSelf is engineered to exhibit superior  flowability, allowing for smooth and uniform filling ofintricate formworks, with minimal manual intervention

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PrismFlow- Easy flow concrete

PrismFlow is a free-flowing, self compacting concrete that is quick and easy toplace and provides an extremely high-quality surface finish.

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PrismFill - Flow fill concrete

PrismFill concrete is a self-compacting cementitious slurry consisting of a mixture of find aggregate or filler, water and cementitious.

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Durability Range:  Our Durability range offers a comprehensive solution for long-lasting concrete structures. From enhancing strength and density to managing temperature differentials and coastal conditions, the durability range of concrete helps ensure durability and sustainability.

Below are the Durability ranges

PrismCoolX PrismMegaX PrismCoastX PrismWaterX PrismXpress PrismBaseX

PrismCoolX- Durable chilled concrete

PrismCoolX effectively manages temperature differentials within concrete, minimizing thermal tensile cracks and early setting issues.

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PrismMegaX- Durable dense concrete

PrismMegaX enhances the lifespan of concrete structures by delivering exceptional strength and increased density.

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PrismCoastX- Weather-resilient concrete

PrismCoastX is engineered to thrive in harsh coastal conditions, boasting exceptional impermeability and durability.

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PrismWaterX- Water repellent concrete.

PrismWaterX's use of cutting-edge water repellent chemicals significantly reduces water absorption, improving the structure's durability and making it water repellent

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PrismXpress- High early strength concrete

PrismXpress offers a solution with accelerated hardening, enabling swift progress and adherence to tight construction schedules.

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PrismBaseX- Durable foundation concrete

PrismBaseX fortifies the foundation of the structures with its low porosity and permeability, enhancing longevity and resilience

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DIY Range: Explore our DIY Prismatic range, crafted for repair and renovation works. Designed to tackle hard-to-reach places, our portable solutions offer seamless concrete repairs and structural strengthening, thereby ensuring hassle-free restoration and enhancement.

Below are the DIY ranges

PrismMini PrismFix

PrismMini- Portable concrete in bag

PrismMini from the Do It Yourself (DIY) Prismatic range from the house of Prism RMC offers the benefits of RMC in a portable bag. It is engineered to tackle the challenges of hard-to-reach locations and is available in easy-to-handle small consignments
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PrismFix- Concrete for urgent repairs

PrismFix is a versatile solution designed to rejuvenate deteriorated concrete surfaces, enhancing both aesthetics and structural stability. This ready-to-use wet concrete solution offers seamless structural strengthening and retrofitting.

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Floors Range: Elevate your spaces with our Floors Prismatic Range. From colorful playgrounds to durable road solutions, rustic aesthetics to lightweight flooring, our products offer versatility, durability and lasting beauty for every application.

Below are the Floors ranges

PrismDecor PrismElite PrismTop PrismFibro PrismRustic PrismShield PrismGlossy PrismSmooth

PrismDecor: Colorful floors

PrismDecor, from the Flooring Prismatic Range by Prism RMC, a colourful concrete available in various shapes and patterns

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PrismElite: Light weight floors

PrismElite is a lightweight flooring concrete solution; it is 2.5 times lighter than standard concrete, making it a versatile and cost-effective solution.

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PrismTop: White topped roads

PrismTop is a groundbreaking solution for road rehabilitation and strengthening, addressing urbanization and traffic congestion in India's cities.

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PrismFibro: Resilient floors

PrismFibro is a resilient flooring solution engineered to resist surface cracking.

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PrismRustic: Rustic floors

PrismRustic concrete offers a natural, rustic aesthetic for diverse interior and exterior applications.

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PrismShield: Anti-bacterial floors

PrismShield: the ultimate solution for maintaining hygiene and durability in commercial and industrial spaces.

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PrismGlossy: Glossy floors

PrismGlossy elevates interior spaces with its polished, reflective finish, perfect for modern and upscale settings.

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PrismSmooth: Smooth finish floors

The ultimate solution for flawless floors. Say goodbye to surface irregularities and traction issues with PrismSmooth

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Performance Range: Unlock unparalleled performance with our Performance Prismatic range. Tailored for diverse applications, our solutions offer superior strength, durability, corrosion protection and ensuring long-lasting structural integrity and reliability.

Below are the Performance ranges

PrismSlabs PrismRust PrismColumn PrismCure PrismChamp

PrismSlabs: Concrete for durable Slabs

PrismSlabs is engineered to address shrinkage and micro-crack control, it enhances durability, reduces repair/maintenance costs, ensuring long-term structural integrity of slabs.

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PrismRust: Rust safe concrete

A specialized formulation engineered to prevent corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete structures

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PrismColumn: Effortless column casting

PrismColumns is a specialized concrete mix engineered for vertical structural columns

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PrismCure: Self curing concrete

An innovative concrete mix with proprietary additives enabling self-hydration and curing without external intervention.

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PrismChamp: High-performance concrete

PrismChamp An advanced concrete mix designed for superior strength, durability, and sustainability.

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