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Green Concrete Range: 

Discover our Green Concrete Range, a testament to our dedication to sustainability. Offering innovative solutions for reducing carbon footprint, enhancing insulation, promoting groundwater recharge and harmonising modern aesthetics with environmental consciousness.

Below are the Green concrete prismatic ranges

PrismGreen PrismLite PrismPervia

PrismGreen - Eco-friendly low carbon concrete

PrismGreen is a responsible concrete which is a testament of our unwavering dedication to shrinking carbon footprint and safeguarding the environment and our future generations.

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PrismLite - Eco-friendly lightweight concrete

PrismLite offers excellent thermal and sound insulation, and improves acoustics while also lowering cooling expenses for your home.

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PrismPervia - Eco-friendly previous concrete

PrismPervia is a solution for ground water recharge that captures rainwater where it falls, allowing it to percolate into the ground and recharge our aquifers.

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