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DIY Range:

Explore our DIY Prismatic range, crafted for repair and renovation works. Designed to tackle hard-to-reach places, our portable solutions offer seamless concrete repairs and structural strengthening, thereby ensuring hassle-free restoration and enhancement.

PrismMini- Portable concrete in bag

PrismFix- Concrete for urgent repairs

PrismMini PrismFix

PrismMini- Portable concrete in bag

PrismMini from the Do It Yourself (DIY) Prismatic range from the house of Prism RMC offers the benefits of RMC in a portable bag. It is engineered to tackle the challenges of hard-to-reach locations and is available in easy-to-handle small consignments
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PrismFix- Concrete for urgent repairs

PrismFix is a versatile solution designed to rejuvenate deteriorated concrete surfaces, enhancing both aesthetics and structural stability. This ready-to-use wet concrete solution offers seamless structural strengthening and retrofitting.

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