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Ready Mix Plaster


PrismPlast stands out as a premium ready mix plaster designed to elevate your walls effortlessly. By overcoming onsite mixing challenges, it guarantees convenience and superior performance. The distinctive formulation of PrismPlast incorporates silt-free graded sand, ensuring smooth finishes and exceptional adhesion to surfaces. In comparison to conventional plasters, PrismPlast achieves a sleeker and more durable finish. Its advantages extend to quicker curing times and minimized re-bonding concerns, thanks to enhanced water retention and bonding properties. Setting a new standard among ready mix plaster brands, PrismPlast excels in improved coverage and rapid setting features. PrismPlast complies with IS 1542 standards.


High Quality & Smooth finish

Minimal rebound loss/ wastage

Excellent workability

Speedy progress of work

Key Takeways

PrismPlast not only ensures structural integrity but also elevates aesthetic values. Opting for pre-blending with PrismPlast ensures superior quality, control, and consistency for your walls, making them simply better. Our commitment extends beyond the product. We offer readily available technical support at your doorstep. Furthermore, PrismPlast minimizes waste, enhancing job-site safety for workers.

Packaging, Shelf Life & Storage

Available in 40 kg PP laminated bags. Best before three months from the date of manufacturing if stored in a clean and dry place with sealed ends.

Dry Bulk Density 1.5-1.6 Kg/L
Compressive Strength ≥ 9 Mpa, 28 Days
Pot Life Upto 1 Hr @ 27°C
Water Demand 15-20% /40 kg
Coverage Area 16-18 sq.ft/ 40 kg (10-12 mm)
Pull Off Test- 28 Days >=0.30 Mpa
Curing After 24hrs for 2-3 times for 1-3 days at 27 degree celsius