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Ready Mix Plaster


Introducing PrismPlast-GS, an advanced ready-mix plaster designed for a superior plastering experience. This innovative solution delivers a seamless one-coat render, effortlessly providing a smooth, decorative finish in a single application. Ideal for both internal and external surfaces with minimal wall preparation, PrismPlast-GS is crafted from high-quality OPC-53 and polymeric additives for unparalleled consistency. This Eco-friendly formula ensures not only better but long-lasting plastering, suitable for diverse applications. Transform spaces confidently with PrismPlast-GS, a conscientious choice in construction materials, aligning with sustainability for lasting and environmentally responsible plastering solutions.


Smooth Finish


Easy to use

Assured Quality

Key Takeways

  • Achieving a minimum plaster thickness of 6 mm is recommended to ensure a sturdy and reliable application.
  • However, it is essential to exercise caution and avoid attempting a single-layer thickness exceeding 18 mm, as this could compromise the overall effectiveness of the plaster.
  • To allow for proper curing and set the foundation for a durable finish, it is advised to allocate a curing period of 4-6 days. This time frame ensures that the plaster surface is adequately prepared for any subsequent activities or treatments.

Packaging, Shelf Life & Storage

Available in 40 kg of PP laminated bag. Best before three months from the date of manufacturing if stored in clean and dry place with sealed ends.

Bulk Density 1.6 – 1.8 KG/L
Water Demand 14-17% (+/-3%)
Pot Life Upto 1 Hr@ 27°C
Compressive Strength ≥ 9 Mpa, 28 days
Pull Off Test- 28 days >= 0.30 Mpa