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High Strength Plaster Bond


PrismPlast-BondX is a ready-to-apply bonding agent for plaster designed to facilitate the preparation of ceiling and wall surfaces, with a particular emphasis on RCC, for both gypsum and cement plaster applications.

Incorporating coarse granules, PrismPlast-BondX ensures impeccable mechanical bonding to plaster, effectively eliminating the need for labor-intensive hacking processes. The inclusion of special polymers enhances the product, resulting in a remarkably robust and enduring chemical bond.


High coverage

Water resistance

Ultraviolet stability

High strength

Shelf Life

Available in 10 & 20 kg bucket. Best before six months from the date of manufacturing if stored in clean and dry place.

Open time for plastering Upto 3 months
Drying time 4 hours
Solid contents > 60%
Viscosity 98000 5000 cps
Density ASTM D 1475 1.30 gms/cc
Granularity Coarse
Coverage 55-60 sqft/kg