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Floors Range: 

Elevate your spaces with our Floors Prismatic Range. From colorful playgrounds to durable road solutions, rustic aesthetics to lightweight flooring, our products offer versatility, durability and lasting beauty for every application.

Below are the Floors ranges

PrismDecor PrismElite PrismTop PrismFibro PrismRustic PrismShield PrismGlossy PrismSmooth

PrismDecor: Colorful floors

PrismDecor, from the Flooring Prismatic Range by Prism RMC, a colourful concrete available in various shapes and patterns

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PrismElite: Light weight floors

PrismElite is a lightweight flooring concrete solution; it is 2.5 times lighter than standard concrete, making it a versatile and cost-effective solution.

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PrismTop: White topped roads

PrismTop is a groundbreaking solution for road rehabilitation and strengthening, addressing urbanization and traffic congestion in India's cities.

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PrismFibro: Resilient floors

PrismFibro is a resilient flooring solution engineered to resist surface cracking.

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PrismRustic: Rustic floors

PrismRustic concrete offers a natural, rustic aesthetic for diverse interior and exterior applications.

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PrismShield: Anti-bacterial floors

PrismShield: the ultimate solution for maintaining hygiene and durability in commercial and industrial spaces.

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PrismGlossy: Glossy floors

PrismGlossy elevates interior spaces with its polished, reflective finish, perfect for modern and upscale settings.

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PrismSmooth: Smooth finish floors

The ultimate solution for flawless floors. Say goodbye to surface irregularities and traction issues with PrismSmooth

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