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Durability Range: 

Our Durability range offers a comprehensive solution for long-lasting concrete structures. From enhancing strength and density to managing temperature differentials and coastal conditions, the durability range of concrete helps ensure durability and sustainability.

Below are the Durability ranges

PrismCoolX PrismMegaX PrismCoastX PrismWaterX PrismXpress PrismBaseX

PrismCoolX- Durable chilled concrete

PrismCoolX effectively manages temperature differentials within concrete, minimizing thermal tensile cracks and early setting issues.

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PrismMegaX- Durable dense concrete

PrismMegaX enhances the lifespan of concrete structures by delivering exceptional strength and increased density.

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PrismCoastX- Weather-resilient concrete

PrismCoastX is engineered to thrive in harsh coastal conditions, boasting exceptional impermeability and durability.

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PrismWaterX- Water repellent concrete.

PrismWaterX's use of cutting-edge water repellent chemicals significantly reduces water absorption, improving the structure's durability and making it water repellent

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PrismXpress- High early strength concrete

PrismXpress offers a solution with accelerated hardening, enabling swift progress and adherence to tight construction schedules.

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PrismBaseX- Durable foundation concrete

PrismBaseX fortifies the foundation of the structures with its low porosity and permeability, enhancing longevity and resilience

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