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Project Description
The project site was of 12,000 Sq ft area. A trial was conducted with 3.5cum for demo purpose. The client was satisfied with the performance of Perviouscrete™ and entire area of total 12,000 sq ft was executed.

The enormous drainage of storm water was a major concern for the client. Perforated pipes which were earlier used by client took longer duration for water to percolate through. In addition, these pipes would get blocked over time which added more maintenance cost to it.

A layer of Jute Sheet followed by geo- textile perforated sheet was laid over Perviouscrete™. This layer is then covered by artificial lawn which acts as the top surface

The sub-grade consisted of red soil which was compacted with road-roller. Reservoir course was 4-5 inches thick and had 30-40mm graded coarse aggregate. Choker course was 1-2 inches with 10mm graded aggregate over which 4-5 inches Perviouscrete™ was laid. The surface was finished using bottom leveler and 80 tones roller.

RMC team recommended Perviouscrete™ by which the water does not remain stagnant at the surface and directly