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Prism RMC


Project Description
Electricity department of Goa have recently taken an initiative to replace compact CFL & HVSV with LED bulbs. For this, new street light poles are being erected across Goa. Small amount of concrete was required for the foundation of these poles.

Contractor was finding it very difficult for shifting raw material to produce concrete on site and transporting to the foundation of pole.

RMC in transit mixer was not feasible as small quantity of concrete was required for the foundation of each pole.

RMC Readymix (India) team visited the site and suggested using PrismMini.

PrismMini is a high quality concrete which comes in easy to handle bags. The concrete was batched through computerized batching
Since requirement of concrete was in very micro level (0.03 cum per pole), PrismMini became a handy solution.

As PrismMini is factory made with sophisticated machinery and precise quality control, quality of concrete was 100 % ensured.