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Human Resource
RMC (India) Division strongly believes in providing a congenial working environment that value and respects the dignity of employees and associates.
     RMC-India’s philosophy is based on following values and principles:
Respect for individuals.
Employee/associate of an organization creates its success.
Employee/associate must be supported by the organization to nurture success.
All jobs have inherent dignity and contribute to self-worth.
Our primary job is to provide quality service.
Honesty and fairness are cornerstones in all interactions and decisions.
RMC-India is committed to:
Hire, develop and retain talented people.
Aid and encourage employees/associates in realizing their full potential
Support a balance between family and work life.
Recognize and reward individual and team achievement.
Provide appropriate working conditions and resources to enable people to do their work.
Respect and be sensitive to the needs of individuals when the employment relationship ends.
One of the greatest strengths of RMC –India is its people. The Company boasts of personnel who are not only highly qualified, but also richly experienced in all kinds of situations. Whether engineer, office assistant or transit mixer operator, they bring to their work a passion for quality and service that is in harmony with the Company's commitment to excellence.
RMC-India encourages innovations, creativity, teamwork and learning amongst its people. The Company recognizes the merits of its people, encourages them to perform their best and rewards them appropriately. The employees and associates of the Company therefore enjoy their work.Current Vacancies
RMC-India gives considerable emphasis on training and education of its employees. The key personnel of the Company undergo preliminary and advanced courses conducted in-house as well as by external agencies. Since ready-mixed concrete is the thrust area of operations of the Company, training in concrete technology is accorded high priority. Over the past decade, a large number of Company’s employees have scored ‘distinction’ or ‘credit’ in the prestigious City & Guilds of London Institute’s (CGLI’s) certificate courses in concrete technology. In fact, successful completion of CGLI courses has now become mandatory for all technical and sales personnel of the Company. Certain key members of the staff also receive training abroad. Further, RMC-India's experts are invited to participate in the activities of Bureau of Indian Standards’ committee on concrete. This speaks volumes about the technical expertise available with the Company.
RMC-India invites individuals to join their team of dedicated professionals. Those who have the required technical competencies, and can demonstrate value-based behaviour, are most welcome to join the Company.